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Are you ready to OWN YOUR OUTCOME and reach your full potential?
Let me get you there.

We offer two pathways: Personal Vision and Strategic Business Planning. 

In the Personal Vision Workshop, we work one on one in person or on zoom to shine a light on twelve areas of your life to help you IDENTIFY, PRIORITIZE and PLAN your way to your ultimate outcome- the life you were CREATED to live!

Small Business Owners can dive into our mini-courses or go ALL IN with our signature program, the Small Business Intenstive Program, to carefully examine every aspect of their business, make a strategic plan and then implement our detailed process to stay on track and CRUSH your business goals!

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What is it costing the people you impact for you to NOT own your outcome?

Until you take the time to Identify, Prioritize and Plan your life, you will continue on a path of overwhelm.

Now, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine just ONE goal and how achieving that ONE thing could change the lives of the people you care about...and multiply that feeling times twelve.


The Outcome Academy Courses and Strategic Coaching Programs will help you Identify, Prioritize and Plan for your personal and professional goals.  



Through a guided brainstorming session, identify your goals in twelve different categories of life in the areas of health, life management, wellness and work.



Take some time to prioritize goals by impact and time to focus your efforts on the things that matter most.


Plan for Success 

Use strategic tools to reverse engineer your outcomes into actionable steps to plan your year and crush your goals.

I understand what it feels like to work so hard at so many things that you lose yourself in the process.

Over the past ten years, I've applied the skills I've mastered as a Scientist and Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Specialist to develop a strategic process to engineer the outcomes I envisioned for my life.  I can't wait to help you feel equally empowered.




Without a Plan

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Hi! I'm Ginny

I'm a wife and mom of two amazing young adults, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, Business Owner, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Scientist who took the tools I learned in Healthcare Process Improvement to change my own life and give back to the people in my community. 

Ten years ago, I was working full time including weekends and holidays, missing important moments in my children's lives, feeling overwhelmed, constantly drained, unhealthy and like I was "half-assing" (excuse my language) every part of my life.  I remember talking to my neighbor and good friend, Ang, about how the things I was learning about Lean Process Improvement could really be life changing if applied to our goals.  It was a light-bulb moment and I have spent the last ten years putting into action the systems and processes of Lean Management to engineer my dream life.  I'm healthier, happier and I don't miss important things in the lives of the people I love.  I OWN MY OUTCOME.  I OWN MY DREAMS.  I OWN MY LIFE!  And, there is nothing (nothing!) that makes me happier than seeing other people own their own lives and make their own dreams come true as well. 

If you are feeling all those things, I would love to help you transform your personal and professional life into the life you have dreamed of for two important reasons:

1- I believe you were created to leverage the gifts God gave you to live your best life.

2- I believe our Creator wants us to use our gifts to pour into others and love them.  We can't do that when we have nothing left to give.

Let's work together so you can Identify, Prioritize and Plan your way into making a difference in your own life, the life of your loved ones and the lives of the people God places in front of you.  You have the potential to change the world.  Let's GO!

Visit the link to our free video on :

How to use Todoist to get things out of your head and into an actionable checklist!

This ONE tool literally changed my personal, business and work life. 

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